I’m not very good at waiting.  Many of you witnessed the difficulty I had waiting to leave for Kenya.  I’ve shared with some of you the difficulties I’ve had waiting for any amount of normalcy and regularity since being in Kenya.  God has been telling me to wait.  To wait for him.  To wait for his guidance.  To pay attention to what he has for me. And to be thankful in this season of waiting.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what it must have been like for God’s people to wait for their Messiah to come.  God had been promising a savior to them for so long.  Prophet after prophet told them to be ready for him.  What was it like for them to wait for this savior?  Did they get tired of waiting for him?

I imagine that people did get tired of waiting for Jesus.  I get tired of waiting for him.  And when I am tired of waiting, I fill that time with other things.  I make my own plans and fill my life and my soul with useless things.  Because of the useless junk, I’m missing out on what Jesus wants to teach me in the waiting.  Many of the Jews missed Jesus completely because they got weary in their waiting. They didn’t believe he was the Messiah and they crucified him.  I don’t want to miss Jesus and I don’t want to miss anything he has for me in the waiting.

In Bible study at church, we’ve been studying the book of Acts.  We’ve been talking about how important it is for us to have a spirit of expectancy as we wait for Jesus to come again.  We’ve been talking about Peter’s spirit of expectancy and his belief that Jesus was coming again, and he was coming soon!  Imagine the urgency that put on Peter’s ministry!  It’s no wonder that so many were added to the Church!!! I want my waiting to be like that, filled with expectancy and belief, trusting that God is at work.

In the times that I have been open to God in the waiting, I’ve gotten to experience awesome things!  God has opened up numerous ministry opportunities for me.  God has used these opportunities to teach me. At the end of November, I got to hang out with and learn from the girls who just completed Class 8 at Joska, a MOHI boarding school.  We discussed different obstacles they face in life and how they can overcome these obstacles in the future.  We finished up the day by worshiping together.  Through this, God showed me just how big he is.  We heard from a woman who grew up in a slum with a major physical disability, which basically means she should have had absolutely no hope for a better life.  However, she now has two college degrees and is starting a third to better prepare her for the ministry God has her in.  He’s big enough to overcome the obstacles we face and to be worshiped by people all over the world.  God has shown me many times how big he is, but there is something about the experience of waiting that makes his greatness seem even more powerful.  I’m learning that I need to embrace the waiting, that I need to actively wait for him. As cheesy as it sounds, he really is great and without him I am nothing.

Just before the Christmas holiday, we were invited to the Tailoring Graduation at MOHI.  Like most celebrations, it was an all day event filled with worship, scripture reading, recognition, and cake!  But the most special part for me was getting to pray over each of the graduates and their businesses.  It was such a cool experience!  It was a small revelation for me, as these women prepare for a new future, to look out and get ready because the work is coming!  For those graduates and for me.  I won’t be sitting at a sewing machine like they will, but God has prepared me for something specific here and the work is coming!

In early December, we went to the MOHI staff Christmas party.  For Mountain people, it was like Mountain Adventure Week all in one day!  There was food, dancing, presentations of awards and gifts, and worship.  It was a day to celebrate everything God had done in the year.  God taught me to celebrate in the waiting. Even when it’s hard.

And finally, God showed me that I’m not forgotten in the waiting.  So many of you have been a huge blessing to me and to my family this holiday season!  Thank you for the pictures and kind thoughts that you’ve expressed through texts and Facebook.  Thank you for hugging my parents and praying for them and me while we’re apart.  Thank you for sending me packages filled with USA goodies.  And thank you for your prayer and support!

P.S. Mountain People: CONGRATS ON SPONSORING 800 NEW CHILDREN!!!! What a difference y’all are making around the world.  I’m so proud of you and I’m so thankful to be apart of a community that cares about the least of these.

Sewing Graduation

Myself, Megan, Rachel, and Rebekah at the Tailoring Graduation.


We got to eat at a Subway! It was a nice treat.


Our neighbors and landlords had us over for dinner. We enjoyed nyama choma (roasted goat) and other Kenyan dishes. But we finished off the night with porridge our of gourds!


We started off the New Year by hiking a volcano in the Great Rift Valley! Here’s myself, Rachel, Eric, Megan, and Rebekah at the top in front of the crater.


I won a deep freezer at the Nakumatt, which is like our Walmart!!! Here is the manager of the store congratulating me on winning that beautiful deep freezer!


One response to “Waiting.

  1. I love that God have you the freezer!! The ultimate waiting while your present state is being transformed to become something totally different in time. You are the perfect package of frozen hamburger waiting to be who knows what!!

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